Why Join GSB
Proactive Education

Rigorous Teaching Methodology.

360 Degree curriculum which includes Case Studies, Simulations, Role Plays, Presentation, Management Games and overall development through Sports, Cultural Events (Social Clubs, Dance, Drama) and Management fest.

Industrial Interface

Regular guest lectures with Industry expert speakers. Practical and relevant industry training in every semester. Regular Industry visits.

Many latest Industry certifications to choose from.

Cutting edge Pedagogy.

Entrepreneurship development, Personal Grooming, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, workshops on etiquette etc.

Special induction classes for English and science students.

Job oriented Advanced computer courses.

Positive Learning Environment

Mind development - Regular Yoga and meditation class.

Skill development - Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Group Discussions, Personal Interview, Debate, Extempore, journals etc...

EQ Development - Stress Management, Change management, Team building, Conflict Management and Negotiation skills.

Excellent Mentorship Programmes - High level of staff and students interaction.

Proven Track record. 11 years of record merits year after year in group colleges.

Focus on smaller and properly identified group for better grooming.

Strong Advisory Council from Industry and Academics which help in keeping the curriculum and course updated as per industry requirements.

E- learning Environments - Through E library, Video Conferencing, Online tests and Smart boards.

High levels of discipline.

Our Star Recruiters